How to Make a Perfect Roast

The American dream can (and should) happen every Sunday
Pot roast advice from Stéphane Reynaud


The French chef shares lessons from his new book, 'Rôtis'


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Two cars in the garage, four bedrooms, three baths, 1.5 kids, a college fund for when they grow up, and a roast in the oven every Sunday — that's the American dream, right? We can't really help with the first five things, but the very last item on that list is something we can help with. And often, help really is needed, because people treat their oven like a magic box.

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Sometimes, what comes out of that magic box, though, isn't very magical. Where do home cooks go wrong? Here, we will walk through the common mistakes that home cooks make when cooking a roast, whether it's a roast leg of lamb; a rich, fatty prime rib; or a humble pot roast that can be turned into many meals later on in the week.

To get some expert help, we turned to Alain Allegretti, chef and owner of Bistro La Promenade in New York City. After all, who better to ask than a classically trained chef serving traditional bistro fare? Allegretti offered six simple pieces of advice that may just surprise you. So what are you waiting for? Read up, and get ready to enjoy a succulent, juicy, and flavorful roast.

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