How to Make the Perfect Brownie

Brownie queen Kim Ima shares her secrets and tips for making the perfect brownie
Yasmin Fahr


They seem so simple to make when compared to intricate and multi-step desserts, but there’s definitely an art to making the perfect brownie. Whether you fall on the chewy, gooey, cakey, or dark chocolate side of things is a matter of personal preference, but making the best possible version is simply an art that you can learn to master.

How? We wanted to know too, so we asked the popular Treats Truck owner, Kim Ima, for her tips and advice, plus recipes from her new Treats Truck cookbook

She begins with the caveat that there’s definitely “more than one kind of perfect brownie” and everyone has a special brownie that they love. While she loves every type of brownie, she usually prefers ones that are a little chewy. (For a chewier brownie, use one less egg than in her Brownie Recipe, which falls more on the cakey side.)

For more tips on making the best brownie you can, check out this slideshow and the video below for even more tips. Happy baking!

Click here to see Kim Ima's Brownies recipe.