How to Make Mustard

Do-it-yourself mustard is a snap and it's way better than store-bought

Mustard — it's the condiment in the bright yellow bottle with the pointy cap at the diner, the favorite burger joint, the neighborhood deli, and the ballpark that we all take for granted. But have you ever given serious thought to how it's made?

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Probably not. While store-bought mustard is convenient, making your own at home has some serious advantages — you know exactly what's going in it; you can customize it with whatever type of mustard seeds, herbs, vinegars, or other flavorings you like; and it's obviously a lot fresher than what you get from the store. Plus, it's really easy to make.

We teamed up with Jim Love and his team at Be Mindful. Be Human., part of The Daily Meal's Culinary Content Network, to get the lowdown on how to make this condiment at home. They provided some great tips on how to make mustard, plus a recipe that's easy to follow and modify to your heart's content. Their recipe makes use of both yellow and brown mustard seeds and results in some serious texture and flavor — it's pleasantly grainy, pungent, and hot with just the right amount of tang balanced by a bit of sweetness. It's fantastic for everything from hot dogs and pretzels to pulled pork and kicked-up salad dressings, and it's way better than whatever's been sitting around in your pantry for a few decades.

So get ready to make some great mustard and ditch the store-bought stuff.

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Will Budiaman is the Recipe Editor at The Daily Meal. Follow him on Twitter @WillBudiaman.