How To Make The Most Amazing Monkey Bread

Monkey bread goes by many names: pull-apart bread, pluckets, Hungarian coffee cake, sticky bread, and bubble bread, to name a few. The basic principle of this irresistible yeast bread, however, remains the same: Monkey bread consists of small rounds of dough that are baked together in a ring-shaped loaf, into gooey harmony using a mixture of butter, sugar, and cinnamon.

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The results can be compared in taste to a cinnamon roll, or to your favorite childhood raisin-and-cinnamon-swirl bread. Some monkey bread loaves are made with nuts and others are served with a cream cheese glaze drizzled on top. They are all baked in Bundt pans to form the wreath-like loaf.

The ultimate monkey bread, to us, is the original version, devoid of icings and others additions. In this basic version, it's sweet and delicious enough on its own — without any extra fuss. The recipe calls for making the dough first, letting it rise, and dividing it into small rounds of dough. Next, each roll of dough is dipped in butter, then in cinnamon-sugar. This step creates the sweet buttery richness of traditional monkey bread. In the oven, as the bread rises, the cinnamon sugar melts into a velvety, sweet glaze.

When the smell of hot buttery cinnamon starts to permeate your kitchen, you'll be glad you decided to try this recipe — and that you went the extra mile to make dough from scratch. Monkey bread is best served warm, fresh from the oven. Simply tear it apart with your hands and enjoy.