How to Make Everyday Foods Healthier

A few little swaps can make your everyday meals better for you

whole grain bread

While most of us eat similar foods on a day-to-day basis, like meats, fish, vegetables, and pasta, how we eat them is different — and also very important. While the quality of what we’re eating does matter, the way the food is prepared matters even more.

For instance, deep-fried broccoli will not give you nearly the amount of nutrients and health benefits as steamed or sautéed broccoli. Similarly, drenching vegetables in butter and cream is not as healthy as roasting them with olive oil and herbs.

Simply looking at how foods are prepared and implementing simple swaps to make everday foods healthier can increase the nutritional value of meals and improve our lifestyles.

The good news is that making these changes will come at little to no cost of your time or money. Switching some of your cooking methods around (like baking instead of frying) or swapping one thing for the other are easy ways to make your everyday foods healthier. 

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