How to Make Bacon From Scratch

America's Test Kitchen changes the game and teaches you how to make your own bacon at home

Guys, this changes the game entirely. Instead of buying slab bacon in the supermarket, America's Test Kitchen teaches you how to cure your own bacon (no smoker required). Of course, you do need a grill and some charcoal, but those could easily be obtained.

The steps? Get a thick portion of pork belly, remove the skin, and cure the slab with salt, pink salt, maple sugar, and other seasonings (the pink salt is key for preventing bacterial growth).

Then, smoke it in a grill with water, charcoal, and wood chunks (genius!) for two hours or less. Total bacon-making time? Well the bacon cures for seven to 10 days, flipped every other day, and then it's smoked in one day. Not bad for a slab that can last up to a month in the fridge. We expect home-cured bacon at every dinner party now. Watch below for the full recipe and measurements, and be careful not to lick the screen.