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How to Make Bacon Recipe

Arthur Bovino


You could write a book on this. Hasn't someone? If not, they should. Ahem... so, it's kind of a ridiculous premise, no? How to cook bacon? I mean, how do you like your bacon. Personally, I like bacon to have its characteristic crispiness, but there's something to be said for that pliability factor, for some of that fat to still be left in the bacon. So that's what I strive for: crispy but still wet with fat and not brittle.

How do you achieve that? Well, as has been noted before on The Daily Meal, you probably don't want to start by cooking bacon naked. Not smart (just saying). First of all, where are you getting your bacon from? This bacon was from Dickson's in Chelsea Market. It's house-cured. Their face bacon makes a mean carbonara (but that's a story for another time).

The grocer's? Frozen? For the love of all things holy, get to room temperature. Don't kill it by trying to cook it straight from the freezer.

The other key is to get your pan hot before putting bacon in it. It takes a while for that fat to sweat. Then you're waiting, and waiting, and suddenly all the color appears at once and you have to be vigilant. Basically, with a hot pan, preheated on medium, you'll lay the strips down, flip them in three minutes, then remove them in another two. Done.

Microwave? Sure, you can use the devil's tumbler if you're in a rush. When I'm entertaining more than four people for breakfast, I often resort to the multiple fold of bacon inside papertowels in the microwave. But it's not the same. Default to the pan-fry, man. Pan-fry is what it's all about.

Not convinced? Check out these other methods. But I bet the pan-fry will serve you well, my friend. Save the fat leftover and use it to cook; whether we're talking eggs or French toast in the same pan, or saving the fat in a container you're accumulating for something down the road — dude, I mean, it's a flavor bonanaza.

That's all. I mean, like I said, you could write a book.


  • 1/3 pound bacon


Preheat the pan on medium to high heat for about 5 minutes. Place the strips in the pan. Wait for the bacon to start to curl along the sides. After about 3 minutes, flip. After another 2 minutes remove to a paper towel and try not to burn your mouth when you fail to resist eating it.