How to Make 6 Pantry Staples at Home

Stop wasting your time on processed foods and make them at home instead

These homemade potato chips are all-natural and easy to make.

Haven't you always wondered whether you could easily make the things that we run to the market to pick up? And make them better (with fewer additives) and tastier? The Accidental Locavore started experimenting with this "out-of-the-box" idea a couple of years ago and has been at it ever since. 

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What I discovered is that a lot of these foods are amazingly easy to prepare, and that makes a lot of sense. Most of our ancestors weren't trained chefs — just housewives and farmers trying to make the most of what they had. And what they had was time.


With these recipes, there is an element of waiting involved, ranging from 30 minutes to a week or more, but while you're waiting for your creations to turn into wonderful food, you can be thinking of all of the delicious things you’ll make with your homemade pantry items. None of these recipes require any unusual equipment, although, once you start making bacon, you might want a smoker. These are six of my favorites to get you started — which one are you going to try first?