How to Kill It at Your Super Bowl Party

This nifty infographic gives you all the tips you need for this weekend's blowout

Just in case you're a little behind on Super Bowl planning (get ready! It's the second most gluttonous day in America), here's a little infographic to help you get prepared.

Some hints? Provide paper plates and napkins, but use real silverware that doesn't break. Stock up on chips and dip, carrots, and celery (fast finger food always wins), grab a cooler to keep extra drinks cold, and don't forget to add ice.

The best tip out of all this? Estimate how much food you'll need and double it; you never know when your fratty friend will decide to bring three other bros, and while they'll probably bring a couple of six-packs to share, they definitely won't pick up any crudités.

Conversely, you can just set out some chips and dip, order some pizza, and tell everyone to BYOB. It's the Super Bowl; there aren't any picky aunts and stepfathers to impress. The only food absolutely necessary is guacamole.

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Graphic courtesy of Presta