How To Infuse Your Vodka With Peeps (And Make Peep Cocktails)

Now that you know how to make your own Peeps at home (video above), we're going to take your sugary marshmallow Easter candy to the next level: by adding booze, of course. 

We're obsessed with this Peeps-infused vodka recipe from Baking Bites, mostly because it's kind of hilarious to see 30 Peeps smushed into a jar while they "marinate" in the vodka. (Or is more like drowning?) While Nicole notes that there's no real distinct Peeps flavor (because "do Peeps have a distinct flavor?"), it's a sugary sweet vodka that adds a bit of sweetness to your cocktails. (Just don't mix and match different-colored Peeps. It'll look like a bloodbath in the vodka.) 

But if waiting around for Peeps to slowly infuse your vodka, just try your hand at some Peep cocktails, like Forkin' Amazing's Peep-tini. It may take a blender and some seriously sweet liqueurs in there, but at least your cocktails will match the colors of your Easter eggs. And if you're really, really stretching to somehow use Peeps in your cocktails, we recommend for some seriously silly cocktail recipes. Yeah, maybe save the Long Island Iced Peep for a day that's not Easter.