How Hot Is This Heat Wave? Bring on the Cooking Experiments

Staff Writer
Reporters turn to the streets to demonstrate the heat this week
Fried egg on the sidewalk

Fried egg on the sidewalk

When extreme weather hits news reporters seem to feel obligated to demonstrate for their viewers just how severe the conditions actually are — and that's when things get creative. As temperatures continue to reach scorching levels this week throughout the Northeast and Midwest, local newscasters are using food to illustrate the sizzling state of affairs. Check out this roundup of gastronomic experiments below. 


• Craving a batch of freshly baked cookies, but can't bear the thought of turning on your oven? Use your car instead! The staff of The South Bend Tribune tested out this method. 


• Dave Nethers of Fox 8 News proves that there is no need to build a campfire, the sun will roast your s'mores to gooey perfection. 


• Of course, frying an egg is a classic heat experiment, by The Today Show's Jeff Rossen proves that frozen mac and cheese and pizza are good indicators as well. 


• Chris So of The Toronto Star takes weather-based cooking to new heights by attempting to bake a roast in his car. The results are pretty impressive. 

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