How to Host a 'Wizard of Oz' Party


After viewing 'Oz, The Great and Powerful,' you'll be itching to host an Oz themed bash.

The Wizard of Oz—as it stands, is a true American classic.

Adults and kids alike have a serious sore spot for Dorothy, those super sparkly ruby red slippers, and adorably scruffy Toto.  Year after year, little girls with braided pigtails and baby blue gingham dresses are out trick or treating, sometimes with a tin man or cowardly lion in tow.

Aside from Halloween, Oz in itself has enough vibrancy and color to create a party theme for the true fan. With  Oz,The Great and Powerful  debuting this weekend, a whole new generation and a whole new story is about to be told, leaving even more opportunity for party details.

So hit the yellow brick road with us—sorry!—and get to planning an on-point Wizard of Oz bash. From costumes to party dishes and treats to favors, every “I” will be dotted and every “t” will be crossed when it comes to details.

Our party unfortunately won’t have James Franco in attendance, you can be sure that it will not wanting you to click your heels to head home.

Invitations: Sites like Zazzle, InvitationBox, and Etsy have a surplus of Oz invitations to choose from for your bash. If you want to create custom ones—head to TinyPrints.

Attire: While there is only one Dorothy—there are plenty of characters in the roster that guests can come as. As for a kids bash—you can never have too many Munchkins.

Décor: This detail is a doozy. Firstly, there needs to be a Yellow Brick Road somewhere, maybe the walkway to your house or within the rooms of your home? It’s not Oz without it. Gingham tableclothed tables clad with apple filled centerpieces create a great tablescape, while stacks of hay as chairs make for a great Kansas plugin.


  • Mains: Serve sandwiches and name them "Glenda, the Good ‘Wiches" as well as Scarecrow’s Popcorn Chicken and heart-shaped mini pizzas in honor of the Tin Man.
  • Desserts: Courage cookies, rainbow cupcakes, and broomstick candy apples.
  • Drinks: Serve a green Witch’s Brew punch

Favors: Fill mini wicker baskets and stuff them with ruby red cake pops, a stuffed Toto, and a pair of slippers.