How To Grill Tofu

What does being a Tofu Master entail exactly? Probably knowing everything there is to know about tofu, and making some of the more delicious and tasty soy products on the market. Minh Tsai, resident Tofu Master at Hodo Soy Beanery based in Oakland, Calif., shares his summer tofu grilling tips with us, plus recipes to get you started.

Tofu can be an intimidating ingredient for many to cook with, but when it comes to grilling, the firmer the better. Use a flavorful marinade, like the ginger-curry one shown in the video above, and simply cook the tofu for about five minutes on each side for gorgeous grill marks. But why listen to me? I'm clearly no Tofu Master. Instead, watch Tsai in the video above for his pro tips and check out the recipes below. (The Kale Hijiki Salad is a definite must-try.)


Kale Hijiki Salad

This nutrition-packed dish perfectly complements the grilled ginger tofu recipe below. 






Ginger Tofu

Serve this recipe atop the salad above or opt for pasta or healthy grains instead.