How to Get Free McDonald's Coupons

It’s easier than you think

Just about every McDonald's location offers coupons of some sort.

Every company knows that it’s a smart move to hand out some freebies every once in a while, and McDonald’s is no exception. According to WikiHow, there are a handful of ways to get your hands on some free McDonald’s coupons.

A good place to start is by establishing a profile on the McDonald’s website. This will sign you up for their newsletter, which often comes with coupons. You can also download their app, which will hook you up with some deals as well. Newspapers and mailings also occasionally feature McDonald’s coupons, so you don’t need to go the purely digital route.

There are also some websites that exist purely to hook you up with coupons; if you’re a coupon hound, you should definitely know about RetailMeNot, SecretMenuHolic,,  and ShopAtHome.

Another way to snag some free McDonald’s coupons is by following them on Twitter and Facebook. Occasionally they’ll release coupons only to their followers.

Finally, make friends with the managers at your local McDonald’s. They usually have some special coupons on hand, and you never know when they might be feeling generous.


Good luck!