The Secrets of Southern Hospitality

A look at four signature components of this enduring tradition



The Importance of Written Word

In the South, hosting a fabulous soiree is not just about cocktail-heavy gatherings with freely-flowing booze. The real artistry is more subtle, and it starts with the invitation. Sending something written by hand or snail mail is a must. Much thought should be put into what you say and be sure to mention exactly what the party entails. If you invite friends over for ‘Champagne in the Garden,’ your guests will know not to expect a glass of bourbon waiting for them.

The importance of sending written invitations and thank yous is established at a young age, with many children receiving their own set of stationary as soon as they are born. Yet, this once-commonplace act often goes forgotten in our increasingly digital world. Especially today, nothing is more thoughtful, considerate, and delightful to a host than promptly receiving a handwritten note, delivered by hand, the day after a party.


The Guest Matters Most

Lastly, the comfort of the guest is always at the top of a Southern host or hostess’s list. For example, one would never dream of planning a cocktail party without first checking the college football schedule. And even while there is plenty of alcohol to go around, there would always be a couple of wonderful non-alcoholic options for those who choose not to imbibe.