How to Eat Like Robert Irvine on the Road

Celebrity chef Robert Irvine shares his tips eating and staying healthy while traveling

Robert Irvine

Celebrity chef Robert Irvine's schedule revolves around traveling from location to location, whether filming for his Food Network show Restaurant: Impossible or spending time with his newlywed wife.

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"I travel 330 days a year," said Irvine. "For the past 12 years that's all I've done."

The Daily Meal caught up with Irvine at the Atlantic City Food & Wine Festival July 26 to 29 to find out his tips and secrets to maintaining a healthy diet while on the road.

"No matter where you go, whether it's airports or hotels, we eat in some of the worst places... but, you can get chicken breast, you can get boiled eggs, you can get anything if you ask for it," said Irvine. "You don't have to accept the status quo."

Irvine's best advice for keeping healthy and staying on top of fitness goals on-the-go: "Pick your food wisely and exercise wherever you are."

When on the road, Irvine makes sure to get in a work out no matter where he is.

"We work out every day," said Irvine, "even if it's in the parking lot doing pushups. Exercise does not mean you have to go to the gym. All you need is 20 minutes of raising your heart level and that can even be running up and down the stairs for a while."

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