How to Drink Like a President

A look at some of the favorite drinks of US presidents

Drink like a President with these cocktails. 

Being president of the United States is, and always has been, a weighty job. Overseeing important legislature, negotiating foreign policy, striving to maintain a healthy national economy, juggling all those politicians — admittedly, if the fate of the free world was resting on our shoulders, we’d need to reach for a good, stiff drink every now and then, too.

Drinking in the Oval Office has a rich history, starting at the beginning with George Washington, who made sure Mount Vernon was constantly stocked with homemade beer. Of course, in certain cases, presidents have taken the after-work drink to the next level, like President Martin Van Buren, earned the name of "Blue Whiskey Van," and Franklin Pierce, who, after not getting nominated for a second term in office, told a reporter, "After the White House, what is there to do but drink?"

From gin and tonics and scotch and soda to wine, beer, and just about everything in between, here is a look at some of the favorite drinks of American presidents.