How to Carve a Perfect Turkey

A turkey is basically a big chicken
Carving a Turkey

Don't get stuck with a huge mess this Thanksgiving — armed with a few expert tips from master butcher Kari Underly, you can carve a turkey with ease.

Nobody really pays much attention to the humble turkey until the few crucial weeks before Thanksgiving, when Americans start thinking about all of the preparations they have to undertake for the much-anticipated holiday, and start running around like, well, headless turkeys.

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But there's no need to fret, because The Daily Meal has once again teamed up with Kari Underly, master butcher and author of the James Beard Award-nominated book The Art of Beef Cutting, to help take the headache out of cooking for your family and friends. The last time The Daily Meal worked with Underly, she taught us How to Save Money at the Meat Counter, and this time around, she's here to show us how to carve a turkey the safe and easy way, whether you're an experienced cook or a first-timer who hasn't touched the big bird before.

And that's basically all it is, says Underly. A turkey is basically a big bird. There's no need to feel intimidated by it; after all, most of us don't really have to chase the poor thing around the yard to get dinner on the table, so half the battle is already won. Practice on a store-bought rotisserie chicken in the few weeks before Thanksgiving and you'll be all set to go once the big moment comes.

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