How to Be a Successful Home Cook

9 tips from Top Chef Stephanie Izard for succeeding in the kitchen

Girl in the Kitchen

Being a successful home cook doesn’t mean you need a fancy kitchen, top-of-the-line appliances, or a huge space. All you need are some basic skills and techniques to fall back on, flavor-boosting ingredients, and some good recipes to start with.

Don’t believe us? Ask Top Chef-winner Stephanie Izard and she’ll tell you the same. In fact, she’s the one who gave us this list of simple tricks and steps to abide by.

We met with Izard to talk about her new cookbook, Girl in the Kitchen, and ask for tips on how to succeed in the kitchen. The first thing she mentions is that every one of her recipes was tested in her small Chicago apartment and none of them require special pans or equipment to make. Plus, she invited her non-chef friends over to make the dishes so that she could see what extra tips and information she’d need to include (like how to debeard a mussel). Who better to ask for advice?

From properly cooking proteins to seasoning food, Izard shares some helpful guidelines for home cooks looking to make the most of their time in the kitchen.  

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And check out our video interview with chef Stephanie Izard below!