How to Be a Good Bartender

An exclusive clip from 'Hey Bartender' shares the secret to being the best bartender

The secrets of being a great bartender.

Let's take a mini mind-vacation and think about our favorite bartenders: what makes them so great? Is it the attention they pay to their craft? Their speed and efficiency? Their ability to read a social situation (read: scare off a scary dude at the bar, make a first date less uncomfortable, accomodate the rowdy crowds)? Or is just the fact that they can make you a really, really good drink? 

This exclusive clip from Hey Bartender, the upcoming documentary in theaters June 7, lets the great bartenders of our generation reflect on how to be the best they can be. From Dale DeGroff to Audrey Saunders to Jim Meehan, there's no shortage of great bartenders — and advice you can look to when tending your own bar or party. 

Check out the clip below (and start wishing it was 5 o'clock already). And hey, let's think about how to not make our bartenders angry, while we're at it. 


TO BE A GOOD BARTENDER from 4th Row Films on Vimeo.