How 8 Restaurants Make Bugs Taste Delicious

These little critters are nothing to be afraid of

Photo Sasabune Omakase Modified: Flickr/erin/CC 4.0

Located in the Santa Monica Airport, the pan-Asian Typhoon has a whole section of its menu devoted to insects.

Insects are one of the most divisive protein sources on Earth. You’ll meet people who have no problem eating a raw cobra heart who still wouldn’t touch a fried grasshopper with a 10-foot pole. But maybe after a visit to one of these eight restaurants that are making insects taste delicious, they’ll change their minds.

How 8 Restaurants Make Bugs Taste Delicious (Slideshow)

People all around the world eat insects for a whole host of reasons, and people all around the world don’t eat bugs for just as many reasons. So why would anyone consider eating something we’re more used to swatting and cursing off? For one, they’re a great protein source. Insects tend to have more protein, and less fat and calories, than just about any other meat on Earth. Second, they’re really easy to farm, because they’re small and have no problems reproducing exponentially. Third, when prepared properly, they can actually taste pretty good.

Now, there’s a big difference between grabbing a grub from under a rock and slurping it down (slimy, yet satisfying!) and going to a fine restaurant and sampling fresh guacamole with crunchy fried chapulines on top. It’s a mind-over-matter issue: if you don’t think about it, the little fried grasshoppers are crunchy, nutty, and as good as any bar snack.

But, especially in America, we’ve got some hang-ups about eating insects. Why waste your stomach space on a creepy-crawly when you can get your protein from a dry-aged porterhouse? Another viable concern is that insects don’t really have any meat. When insect-eaters compare eating a cockroach to eating a lobster, we can’t help but realize that cockroaches don’t have tails and claws filled with light, delicious meat. If you eat an insect, all you’re getting is an exoskeleton and internal organs, which really doesn't sound so great.

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But when you eat an insect, you need to look beyond that, to see the bigger picture. They’re one of the most sustainable protein sources on Earth and could quite possibly be the protein of the future, so you might as well buck up and try one. It won’t be nearly as gross as you think. To help you cross that hurdle, we’ve assembled a list of eight restaurants around the country that are serving insect dishes that are undeniably tasty.