This Fashion Company Turned Its Old Clothes into Food

The clothing company grew a five-course fine-dining menu from some old gym clothes

Houdini Sportswear proved its clothes were sustainable by turning old athleticwear into compost and using it to grow a fine-dining meal.

In an effort to prove that its clothes are sustainable and biodegradable, a Swedish clothing company composted its old athleticwear and used it to grow food, which it then served at a pop-up restaurant in Stockholm.

According to The Local, the Houdini Sportswear clothing company prides itself on its sustainable, biodegradable activewear. When customers are finished with their clothes, they can bring the clothes back to the store for repairs, and if the clothes are truly worn-out, the clothes can be composted and turned into soil. To demonstrate the fact that the clothes really are biodegradable and sustainable, the company grew some vegetables and herbs from its old clothes, then got chef Sebastian Thureson to design a vegetarian, fine-dining menu showing off the produce.


The dinner was held on April 23, and it sounds like it was a big success. The food was good, and the company successfully proved that its clothes really could be repurposed into compost.


More of the compost is still available, and the company is giving it away in its stores — customers can pick up a bag of composted exercise clothes and use it to grow their own food. The recipes Thureson created for the event are printed on the soil bags.