PBR Owner Final Contender in Twinkies Bid

Hostess has narrowed down the playing field to 2 companies

So PBR might actually buy Twinkies, which means the cheapest hipster beer might just be able to market Twinkies along with our weekly six-pack fare. Excellent.

AP reports that Hostess brands has narrowed down the lead bidders for the Twinkies and snack cakes business to two investment firms. The first, C Dean Metropoulos & Co., owner of PBR, and the second being Apollo Global Management. Neither company will confirm or discuss their bids, but we've been hearing these two names in the press since Hostess officially shut down last year. Within The Daily Meal, the hipsters in our office are rooting for PBR.


Tastykakes maker Flower Foods has already been picked as the lead bidder for Wonder Bread, while Drake's cakes (Devil Dogs, Funny Bones, Yodels) has been sold to McKee Foods (of Little Debbie snacks). It seems like the snack cakes section will be the last of the family sold off; if this breaks your heart, you're not alone.