Horsemeat Found in Precious Ikea Meatballs, Too

Packed in Sweden and shipped to the Czech Republic, the meatballs were discovered before hitting the shelves

First it popped up in hamburgers, then lasagna, and now Ikea's meatballs? This horsemeat scandal has gone too far.

Swedish furniture giant Ikea is withdrawing its frozen meatball products from 14 European countries after discovering horsemeat traces in frozen meatballs in the Czech Republic.

The meatballs, served either in Ikea's cafeteria or frozen, were labeled as beef and pork meatballs; the product was also pulled from stores in Britain, Portugal, the Netherlands, Belgium, Slovakia, Hungary, France, Italy, Spain, Greece, Cyprus, and Ireland, a representative told Reuters. No word on how high the percentage of horsemeat was, but it looks like avid Ikea meatball fans might have to hold off on their fix until the investigation ends.


This isn't the first time horsemeat has been found in a food giant's products; Nestlé had to recall pasta in Italy and Spain thanks to traces of horsemeat discovered in beef ravioli. We shudder to think what might be next.