Horsemeat-Filled Beef Burgers Will Be Used for Fuel

Following the horse and pig meat DNA scandal, 7 major British supermarkets are withdrawing beef products

As BBC rocked  the food world by announcing that a number of beef products in Tesco have been found with horse and pig DNA, seven major British retailers are now withdrawing a number of beef products.

Retailers Aldi, Iceland, Lidl, and Tesco were all selling products which were shown to have horse DNA; at least 10,000 frozen burger patties (the main suspect) have been withdrawn.

Iceland retailers will be using the waste animal tissue for fuel, converting the tissue through a rendering process.

The meat will either be steamed or boiled to make fat rise to the surface, or dehydrated to release the organic materials for energy.


Guardian reports that up to 10 million burger patty products may be recalled, leaving suppliers unsure what to do with their leftover meat. While Iceland is converting the meat into fuel, Tesco is awaiting instructions from the Food Standards Agency on how to dispose of the frozen burger products; they will not, however, "re-enter the food chain," a representative says.