Hooters Logo Revamped

The double-Os still stand, however

Hooters has debuted a new look for their owl.

Wendy's isn't the only girl in town who got a makeover; Hooter's iconic owl "Hootie" has just come out with a new look, and the new owl is much leaner than the old.

For 30 years, the scruffy, oldish owl has been the face of the restaurant, known for "nice girls walking around in nice outfits," as one customer puts it for USA Today. Apparently, 30 years ago the company traced the owl from a dictionary when they couldn't find a logo for the brand. The new logo will be applied to all future remodeled locations,a  press release says.

"We wanted to give 'Hootie' a facelift along with the stores," Dave Henninger, chief marketing officer, told USA Today, noting the new contemporary restaurant redesign introduced earlier this year.


And while the owl is much sleeker, those double O's are still as raunchy as ever, as the sexual imagery lingers. "The (visual) double entendre remains in place," says Henninger. "We want to keep the tongue-in-cheek wink going."