Hong Kong and Australia Get Some Crazy New Fast-Food Items

McDonald’s Hong Kong releases Spicy Sensations menu and KFC Australia announces new Black Edition Kentucky Burger

McDonald's Hong Kong's New Menu

If you’re tired of the same old fast-food items here in the U.S., you might want to travel to Hong Kong or Australia. Both countries announced new additions to their menus this month.

KFC Australia recently announced their new Black Edition Kentucky Burger. Their monstrous new sandwich consists of a fried chicken fillet covered in bourbon-flavored BBQ sauce, KFC coleslaw, cheese, bacon, and crispy fried onions on a sesame bun.

In Hong Kong, McDonald’s is also gradually releasing items from their new Spicy Sensations menu — a menu with an unconventional assortment of fiery sandwiches, a side of wings, and a new iced fresh lemon tea, according to Brand Eating. First on the list are the McCurry and Mega McCurry sandwiches, with a quarter-pound beef patty covered in curry sauce and chopped onions served on a sesame bun. The Mega McCurry has two patties as opposed to the McCurry's one.

A more classic option on their new menu is the Korean McCrispy, which was released earlier this week. It's a much more classic sandwich than the unconventional McCurry, with crispy fried chicken, lettuce, and Korean chile sauce on a sesame bun. Also falling into the chile category are the new Pickled Chili McWings — fried chicken wings with "hot and sour kick." They can be purchased in two-piece orders or added to a meal.

And finally, for those Filet-O-Fish fans who want to indulge in something spicy, the Wasabi Sakana Supreme sandwich will be added to the new menu on April 4. This new sandwich consists of an extra long Filet-O-Fish patty, American cheese, lettuce, and spicy wasabi sauce on a long sesame bun.

KFC Australia and McDonald’s Hong Kong are only two of the fast-food chains that seem to be following the latest trend of revamping their menus. American chains have also recently expanded their dish selection with Burger King’s rebuilt menu and McDonald’s new Egg White Delight and Chicken McWrap.

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