Treat Your Mom to One of These Delicious Desserts This Mother's Day

Give Mom a treat almost as sweet as she is
Treat Your Mom

Make sure to treat Mom to these tasty and satisfying desserts!


There is no denying that Mom is a sweet lady. Her dedication to your happiness and livelihood is awe-inspiring. She doesn’t ask for much (if anything at all), and she consistently hopes that your life is as joyful as it can be. How could you deny a lady like that anything? On a special day celebrating all the wonderful things about Mom, you need to treat her to something that is almost as sweet as she is.

Treat Your Mom to One of These Delicious Desserts This Mother's Day

There are plenty of standard Mother's  Day gifts that are perfectly acceptable. Candles, flowers, chocolates — all of them will surely put a grin on Mom's face. But this Mother's Day, wouldn't you like to see a smile from Mom that would light up the sky?

We know just the gift! A sweet present baked with love will do the trick. If Mom is a chocolate lover, baker her a beautiful chocolate cake and present it on a pretty cake stand (which also doubles as a gift). If Mom prefers something creamy, try baking her a cheesecake topped with her favorite fruit. Mom will appreciate the sentiment and sweet treat so much that it’ll be tough to top next year! Try these tasty recipes and gift ideas for delicious Mother’s Day gift inspiration.

Apple Crumb Pie

What is more all-American or Mom-friendly than a good old-fashioned apple pie? This crumble will make Mom nostalgic for the days when you were small, and she’ll love the love that’s baked into each bite!

Bittersweet Chocolate Chip Cookies


A touch of bittersweet chocolate makes all of the difference in these decadent cookies. Gift them to Mom in a Mason jar tied with a pretty bow or simply hand them to her in a decorated box. Either way, she’ll swoon at her treat!