Tori Spelling’s Tasty Tips for Halloween Entertaining (Slideshow)

Fashionista and celebrity mom Tori Spelling offers Starburst-inspired entertaining tips

Bewitching Bangle

You can never go wrong with a little bling! Make that bling a tasty, festive piece of candy and you couldn’t look any sweeter, er, "scarier" for Halloween.

Tori Tip:

I loved making these. Moms are always looking for a way to dress up and be part of the fun while staying functional. 

Click here for the Bewitching Bangle "Recipe.” 

Creative Candy Corn Cobweb

You will totally void being cliché this holiday with this festive, inventive decoration for your holiday.

Tori Tip:

The most successful Halloween party I ever hosted was a few years ago. Of course, it featured lots of Halloween-themed festive touches to make the event memorable, but what made it so incredibly successful and special was seeing all of our friends and family together — and in costume, I might add — enjoying each other's company.

Click here to see the Creative Candy Corn Cobweb “Recipe.” 

Festive Favors

Easy to make and fun to pull together, these tiny jarred favors are great for the parents and for the kids!

Tori Tip:

One of my favorite costumes I ever wore was a Marie Antoinette costume and it was gorgeous. But as you may or may not know, a Marie Antoinette wig is really heavy. As beautiful as it was, I had to take it off after about a half-hour. In true Tori fashion though, I turned the wig into a candy bowl. You've got to be resourceful, right?

Click here for the Festive Favors “Recipe.” 

Picture-Perfect Place Cards

These adorable place cards are perfect for any Halloween party and make an extra thoughtful presence at your Halloween Dinner table.

Tori Tip:

"The basics are simple when it comes to planning a party. Get your essentials down, your color palette and of course the food, fun, and entertainment!"

Click here for the Picture-Perfect Place Cards “Recipe.”

Candied Cupcakes

Because parties really are all about the sweets, Spelling shared with us some great tips for glamming up our average cupcakes.

Tori Tip:

My ultimate Halloween dessert table is filled with treats that look as sweet as they taste — and lots of them! Everyone knows that dessert is the pinnacle of every party. The dessert table is really your chance to go all-out.

Click here for the Candied Cupcake “Recipe.”