Thanksgiving Tips: What Not to Do When Entertaining

Follow these Thanksgiving tips and you’ll have the perfect holiday

These Thanksgiving tips will teach you what not to do on this big holiday.


There are a lot of Thanksgiving advice articles out there telling you what you should do to have the perfect Thanksgiving, but what about all of the potential faux pas you could be unknowingly committing? These Thanksgiving tips, which we’ve collected from successful chefs who know a thing or two about curating a great meal, will tell you all the things you should be avoiding come turkey day. Listen to these Thanksgiving tips and you’ll definitely have a better holiday!

1.    It may be a no-brainer, but do not go shopping while starving. This never ends well.

2.    Do not experiment. Stick with something you know — this is not the day to test out all the recipes you've been wanting to try.

3.    Do not flambé without an appropriate hood. Your guests would rather have a house to eat in than see your fancy flambé attempt.

4.    Do not cut corners or be cheap. There's nothing wrong with saving money, but if you're going to entertain for a holiday, do it the right way.

5.    Do not force people to eat something that they obviously do not like. Everyone may not have the same taste as you.

— Chef Gerard Cribbin, Chef de Cuisine at The Lazy Goat

1.    Don't try to improve an old family recipe. The cornbread dressing is perfect just the way Memaw made it.

2.    Don't serve cranberry jelly from a can. Again, just don't go there.

3.    Don't forget the coconut pie.

4.    Don't make your cocktails too sweet.

— Chef Teryi Youngblood, Chef de Cuisine at Passerelle Bistro

1.    Don't argue with your guests, be they family or close friends. Avoid controversial topics and try to enjoy one another's company as much as you can.

2.    Don't overcook the turkey. If you need to, assign one person to this job to make sure it comes out of the oven on time.

3.    Don't drink too much holiday cheer until the cooking is done!


— Chef Drew Erickson and Steve Smith, Sous Chef and GM at Passerelle Bistro