Thanksgiving Recipes Your Guests Will Be Thankful For

Everyone will love these special dishes whether you serve them as a side or package them as a gift to take home on Thanksgiving!

Don’t forget to gift or serve these Thanksgiving favorites.

Everyone has a favorite homemade recipe reserved for sharing with family and friends on Thanksgiving, something so special that it’s saved for just this one occasion out of the whole year. Using Ball brand jars, you can create these recipes ahead of time, make them with your family, and even gift them to guests coming over for your feast. After all, sharing food can be a wonderful way to show someone how thankful you are for them.

Below are several recipe ideas that you can learn, make, and share this year:

Make the most of pear season by transforming the sweet fruit into a delightful jam. This pear vanilla jam recipe has just enough sweetness with a subtle hint of vanilla to make a spread that’s perfect on toast.

Source: Food in Jars

Homemade apple pie can take all day to make. Plan ahead this year and preserve your filling before Thursday using this delicious recipe. You can even make extra for Christmas, as these canned jars will be shelf-stable for a year!


Cauliflower, a cool season crop, is one of the healthier vegetables you can add to your Thanksgiving menu this year. Low in fat and high in fiber, cauliflower is most often used as a substitute for potatoes. This year, jazz up your vegetable offerings by making a batch of Spicy Pickled Cauliflower. They’re especially delicious when accompanying a creamy cheese and cracker plate!

Source: Cookistry

There’s no easier appetizer spread for the holidays than cream cheese and pepper jelly. The sweet and spicy combination is a favorite in many households and can even make for a nice hostess gift! Try making this jalapeño jelly instead of using store-bought for a more personalized touch this year.



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