Christmas cookies


Take This Short Quiz to Find Out What Kind of Christmas Cookie You Are

Having a personality crisis? Find out who you really are through the power of holiday cookies
Christmas cookies


Find out your cookie personality with these five easy questions!

Christmas cookies: Everybody loves to eat them, many love to bake them, and few think about what sort of cookie they would be if they had to be a Christmas cookie. If, somehow, you fall in the latter category and have yet to come to a conclusion, we happen to have just the quiz for you.

End any sort of holiday personality crisis that you may be having, and answer these five simple questions to find out what Christmas treat you are! And then, don’t forget to bake up a batch of cookies to really feel the connection.


1. What’s your favorite Christmastime activity?
A. Building gingerbread houses
B. Decorating the Christmas tree
C. Playing in the snow
D. Baking cookies, duh!

2. What is your favorite Christmas decoration?
A. Tiny Christmas villages
B. Ornaments
C. Snowmen
D. Wreaths

3. What cold weather drink is your favorite?
A. Chai tea latte
B. Warm milk
C. Peppermint mocha
D. Tea

4. Who is your favorite famous Christmas figure?
A. Rudolph
B. Buddy the Elf
C. Frosty the Snowman
D. Santa Claus

5. Which of these non-cookie desserts is your favorite?
A. Pumpkin pie
B. Does frosting count?
C. Candy canes
D. Fruit and nuts


Mostly As: Ginger Snaps

You’re a little bit of a firecracker, and you don’t bend easily under pressure. Your favorite Christmas pastimes include driving around to look at Christmas lights, decorating gingerbread men, and caroling.

Mostly Bs: Sugar Cookie Cutouts
You’re a young, sweet soul. While sugar cookies are great to you anytime of the year, you take special joy in decorative holiday shapes. You love decking the halls, and while others may hate modern pop takes on classic Christmas songs, you find delight in them.

Mostly Cs: Snowball Cookies

Winter is far and away your favorite season to spend time outdoors. Sure, it’s cold, but there’s time for building snowmen, snowboarding, and having snowball fights. And when you’re done with all of those activities, you love to settle in with a big mug of cocoa.


Mostly Ds: Thumbprints
You’re a traditionalist at heart, and that spills over in to how you celebrate the holidays. You’re all about orchestral Christmas music, a live Christmas tree, and spending lots of time with the family. Isn’t that what the holidays are all about, after all?