Easy But Impressive Slow-Cooker Dinners for Mother's Day

Make Mom a meal she’ll remember all year long
Dinners That’ll Impress Mom

Your mom will be amazed at these delicious dinners.

Every Mother’s Day, children from the small to the tall take time to do something extra special to show their moms that they care. The day usually starts with morning brunch or breakfast in bed, followed perhaps by a “chore coupon book” and maybe a fresh flower bouquet. While we are positive that Mom loves these sweet gestures, year after year they can get rather, well, routine.

These Slow-Cooker Dinners Will Impress Mom on Mother's Day

If you really want to impress Mom this year, try making her a special dinner that will truly knock her socks off. Not handy in the kitchen? Don’t sweat it — a slow-cooker recipe will do the trick! Don’t be fooled by the simplicity of setting it and forgetting it: a slow cooker can help you create super flavorful meals that taste just as great as a dish you worked over for hours. 

To help you really wow Mom this Mother’s Day, we rounded up some of our favorite slow-cooker main courses that we are sure will delight and surprise her. In fact, she may even be asking you for the recipe for a change!

Crock-Pot Shepherd's Pie

If Mom loves comfort food, nothing will warm her heart quite like this delicious pie. Made simple in the slow cooker, it has plenty of complex and tantalizing flavors that will surely make Mom smile!

Crock-Pot Sausage-Stuffed Flank Steak

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If you really want to impress Mom this Mother’s day, make her this flawless Crock-Pot sausage-stuffed flank steak recipe. This slow-cooker meal doesn’t take long to throw together, so you’ll have lots of time to spend with Mom.