Pinterest’s Top Hybrid Desserts for Christmas

We’ve got the insider rankings

Say goodbye to average chocolate cake and simple cupcakes, and say hello to the wonut and piecaken! Hybrid desserts are all the rage this year, and we’ve got the exclusive list from Pinterest for the most popular 2015 hybrid desserts. Christmas dinner has to stay classic, but why not try switching it up with dessert?

#4 Wonut

A wonut, which is a hybrid of a waffle and a doughnut, takes the widely adored cronut to another level of creativity. With a warm waffle batter and waffle crevices, this dessert could be the perfect sweet treat to serve on Christmas.

#3 Cronut

The cronut, a cross between a croissant and a doughnut, is made with flaky dough that is fried in grapeseed oil and then either rolled in sugar, filled with cream, or topped with glaze. It’s no wonder this hybrid dessert comes in as number three for Pinterest’s searches.

#2 Piecaken

Is it a pie? Is it a cake? Is it… both? That’s right, the internet sensation aka piecaken is a pie (like apple) stuffed into a cake. A fluffy bite of cake is filled with warm, gooey pie flavor to give you one unbeatable dessert.

#1 Brookies

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Brookies are classic, incredible desserts. Make this brownie/cookie hybrid for dessert immediately following Christmas dinner or package them up individually for stocking stuffers! You can’t go wrong giving a brookie this year.