20 Things People Only Say Around the Holidays

Get ready to hear these phrases over and over again this December
Things People Only Say Around the Holidays

"That office Christmas party got a little out of hand."

The holidays come just once a year. And every year, this wonderful time brings with it seasonal cheer, bustling shopping malls, quality time spent with family and friends and the same old conversations. And we’re not just talking about the small talk one has to make with distant family members. We’re talking about those phrases people only say during the holidays.

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Yes, year after year you gather with loved ones far and near and have the same old conversations about weather, the holiday season and the year’s end, and you hear a few key phrases that would be incredibly out of place during any other month.

People ask how you’ve been behaving, comment on weight, and ask you directly about how you want to be surprised with gifts. It’s a little odd, once you start to think about it.


There’s also plenty of complaining about the holidays. Whether people are hating on Christmas carols or wishing that the stores would wait until after Thanksgiving to start selling and putting up holiday decorations, you’re bound to hear about it, whether you want to or not. So brace yourself and prepare all of your responses. People are definitely going to be saying these phrases over and over.