New Year’s Games for Kids

Keep the kids busy with these fun ideas
New Year's Game


These games are so fun that you’ll want to play too!

You love your children, but New Year’s Eve parties are for drinking Champagne and getting kissed at midnight. Use these fun, creative New Year’s Eve game ideas to keep your kids busy after dinner, and in the spirit of the New Year.

Family Guess Who?

It’s difficult for a child to remember all of their aunts and uncles, but this game makes it both fun and easy. Replace the Guess Who? characters with cut-outs of your family members, and then let your kids pick relatives to describe. They’ll know grandma from nana in no time.

Memory Scavenger Hunt

Take photos from 12 of your favorite 2015 memories (one from each month), cut up the pictures, and paste them on the back of colored construction paper. Write the month on the front, and hide them around the house. Then have your kids search for them, place them in order, and tell you what their favorite memories were. This is a great way to remember the past year, and to let your kids run around the house without causing too much damage. Depending on their age, you could make it more difficult by adding more than one event each month to see if they can put them in chronological order. This is an excellent New Year’s game if your child is still learning the order of the months.

Time Capsule


Have your kids draw pictures, and write letters for their future selves to open in one year. This will keep your kids busy on New Year’s Eve, and you’ll start a fun family tradition for future years to come. This is also a great activity if your kids need to practice their writing skills. If they’re too young, they can always draw a picture of what they think they’ll be doing one year from that moment. Bury the time capsule in the backyard, or simply hide it in your closet to look at on the eve of 2017!