With Love From Martha Stewart: Tips and Recipes for a Lovely Valentine’s Day

Follow these great tips and tasty recipes for Valentine’s Day
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Martha Stewart

From flowers to heart cakes, Martha Stewart can help you woo your Valentine.


Valentine’s Day can be stressful for any couple. On a day that is supposed to embody the pinnacle of love and affection, any couple worth their romantic salt will work to make it as special as possible. To help you rock your Valentine’s world, we enlisted the help of home-making guru Martha Stewart and gathered some fabulous tips and recipes that are sure to impress your Valentine.


For Valentine’s Day flowers, you can’t go wrong with peonies. I have a fondness for China, and peonies originated there. I grow tree peonies in all my gardens — they’re such exquisite flowers! When choosing flowers for your arrangement, begin by finding one flower that you know the recipient will like, and then build from that. To keep your Valentine’s arrangement fresh, add a couple drops of bleach to cut down on bacteria buildup. And always make sure your water levels are high and your thermostat is on low.

Homemade Gifts:

Take store-bought chocolates and repackage them in a homemade wrapper, with the underside revealing a handwritten love note.

Gifts for Friends:

Stamped soaps, inspired by candy conversation hearts, make great gifts for friends!

Favorite Valentine’s Day Meal to Cook:

One can never go wrong with the classic romantic favorite: filet mignon, lobster, and a rich, chocolaty dessert. For something more simple, cook up an Italian-inspired dinner featuring hearty spaghetti and meatballs, a pear and prosciutto carpaccio, and rich chocolate pudding cakes.

Molten Chocolate Espresso Cakes

Wake your Valentine up and greet him or her with this decadent morning treat. You’ll sweetly start the day and fuel your love up for the romantic plans ahead. 

Click here for the Molten Chocolate Espresso Cakes recipe

Easy Heart-Shaped Chocolate Cake

What says true love better than a dessert in the shape of a heart? This simple cake recipe requires no special baking pan, just a little ingenuity and a lot of love.

Click here for the Heart-Shaped Cake recipe

Boozy Pecan Balls

Hosting a singles-only Valentine’s Day party or looking to gift something extra fun this year? Try making these simple sweets that feature a little cognac for an extra holiday boost.

Click here for the Boozy Pecan Ball recipe

For more great recipes, visit MarthaStewart.com!

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