how to be the Best Holiday Party Guest Ever

25 Secrets to Becoming the Best Holiday Party Guest Ever

Know what to do — and what not to do — this holiday season

Sometimes it feels like the final two months of the year is one endless holiday party. From office holiday events to family Hanukkah or Christmas gatherings to friend’s New Year’s Eve bashes, it seems like it’s just one celebration after another.

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In the midst of all this holiday partying with loved ones, it can be easy to forget how to be a standout guest. Yes, everyone knows the basics of how not to be total Grinch around the holidays, but it’s easy to accidentally be a terrible guest without even knowing it. Luckily, we have all of the tips, tricks and guidelines of basic etiquette for being the best holiday guest ever.

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From sending a timely RSVP and — yes! — sending a thank you note, to offering to help cook or bartend, being kind is not only the way to go around the holidays (and every day of the year, if we’re being honest). So leave those holiday stresses at the door and learn how you can be an awesome party guest.