How to Get Cheap Turkey for Thanksgiving

Never pay full price for this holiday staple

There are some groceries you simply should never pay full price for: baking supplies, canned goods and sodas frequently go on sale. But holiday grocery shopping, especially for Thanksgiving, is a totally different ballgame. There are sales galore on canned pumpkin, chicken broth, jars of gravy and fresh cranberries. But there’s one Thanksgiving grocery you should always buy at a deep discount — or even get for free — and it’s the star of the day.

How to Thaw a Frozen Turkey? And Other Thanksgiving Questions, Answered

Yes, we’re talking about buying the perfect turkey. If you shop smart, you can get a glorious 20-pound bird for just a few dollars.

Turkeys are frequently used as “loss leaders” at grocery stores during the holiday season. That means the store will take a hit by selling cheap turkeys in the hopes that shoppers will fill their carts with traditionally priced items integral for all of your favorite Thanksgiving dishes, like potatoes, cans of soup, green beans, breads and pies.

Thus, it’s not uncommon to see turkeys at 50 cents a pound or cheaper at the time of the year when they’re the highest in demand. And in order to score these deals, you just have to spend a certain amount at the store on things you’ll want to buy anyway.


You may get antsy and want to buy your turkey as far ahead as possible. After all, turkey will keep in the freezer well and just needs to thaw for one day in the fridge for every 4 pounds. But just wait it out until the middle of the month and those big holiday sales will start popping up. As you’re waiting to buy your bargain turkey, it’s high time you read up on more tips, strategies and secrets for successful Thanksgiving shopping.