How To Be Romantic: These Ideas Will Make Your Valentine Melt

Learn how to be romantic for your special someone on Valentine’s Day
How To Be Romantic

There are a million delicious ways you can show your partner you know how to be romantic.

Love is never a simple thing. For some, love must be shown through grand gestures—the giant bouquet, the surprise tickets to Paris. For others, it’s the little things—remembering to pick up the dry cleaning—that show proof of love. But on Valentine’s Day, it is fair to say that if you are in a relationship with someone, you expect that someone to show you that he or she both  knows how to love and how to be romantic about it. Romance doesn’t require an elaborate plan or even a grandiose one. There are many little ways you can romance your significant other on Valentine’s Day.

To inspire you, we’ve pulled together some swoon-worthy ideas for how you can show your loved one that you know how to be romantic.

Breakfast in Bed

Before the fancy prix fixe dinner, surprise your loved one with a relaxing morning meal and start their day off right. Even a bagel from their favorite breakfast spot is a romantic gesture, just so long as they feel pampered by your presentation..

Leave a Note

If your special someone packs a lunch, slip in a sweet note telling him or her all about your feelings. It will be a nice pick-me-up that will make him or her feel completely special and loved.

A Sweet Surprise

If your partner has a sweet tooth, take note: Line the pockets of his or her coat or bag with a bunch of sweet treats. This simple gesture is sure to bring on a smile as well as a feeling of being adored.