Homemade Gifts in Mason Jars

From sweet treats to simple décor, these DIY gifts will delight everyone on your list

Get inspired by these beautiful homemade gift ideas

Oftentimes when we think of buying gifts for the holidays, we make it too complicated. After all, you know your recipient on some level — you just have to get creative. But sometimes no matter how much you rack your brain, finding the perfect gift just doesn’t come as naturally as you’d like it to. In order to find that perfect gift, you don’t need d a Christmas or Hanukkah miracle; just try doing it the DIY way!

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Looking for a special holiday gift this year? Homemade gifts are gaining popularity as more people are creating thoughtful and original presents for family, friends, colleagues, and others. Classic Ball brand Mason jars are the perfect vessels for creating snow scenes, ornaments, and delicious homemade food gifts. This year’s limited edition Heritage Collection Jars are especially fitting for the season, available in a beautiful green color in both regular-mouth pint-size and wide-mouth quart-size.

Here are 12 festive, fun gift-in-jar ideas that you can make before the holidays this year. Wrap for under the tree, stuff in stockings, or bring to your upcoming gift swap! What will you be making and sharing this holiday season? For more inspirational ideas, visit our Pinterest page. Happy Holidays!

DIY Snow Globe

These small DIY snow globes evoke the 1950s with Christmas trees fastened atop vintage matchbox cars. Using a 16-ounce Ball Collection Elite Jar, faux snow, and holiday colored twine, you can transform an empty glass into a seasonal holiday scene.

Krusteaz Pancake Mix in a Jar


Food gifts are a favorite to both give and receive. Easily layer your favorite pancake mix (you can also use cookie or muffin mix), with delicious add-ins like nuts, chocolate chips, or dried fruit, and top off with a decorative ribbon and tag.