Hallo-Weekend Party Bar (Slideshow)

Make these wicked drinks for your Halloween party this weekend

Black Magic

Put a spell on your guests with this dark and sinister cocktail.

Click here for Black Magic Recipe.

Black Widow Shot

This foreboding drink is as scintillating as it is scandalous and will make the perfect addition to you Halloween bar.

Click here for the Black Widow Shot Recipe

Haven's Candy Corn Martini

These martinis will get your guests in the mood for Halloween. The orange candy corn not only tastes great in the drink, but looks great as well! 

Click here for the Haven's Candy Corn Martini Recipe

Fiery Eyeball

This dark rum, apple cider-based cocktail will put a fire in more than your eyes! This strong, festive cocktail will put the heat into your Halloween.

Click here for the Fiery Eyeballs Recipe

Smoking Skulls

Talk about eerie! These smoking drinks make for great effects as well as a smooth drink!

Click here for the Smoking Skulls Recipe

Zombie Slime Shooter

OK, so you may be hesitant to drink anything with the words "zombie" and "slime," but we promise there is no trick to this treat. You'll get a great-tasting cocktail that will suit your zombified party well!

Click here for the Zombie Slime Shooters Recipe

The DL's Jack-o'-Lantern

This drink is perfect for any Halloween occasion. The pumpkin-flavored drink has the taste of fall and Halloween in it, too! 

Click here for The DL'S Jack-o'-Lantern Recipe

The DL's L.E.S Green Recipe

For a sweeter drink, try this emerald cocktail recipe. It's perfect for Halloween and easy to make for you or your guests. 

Click here for The DL's L.E.S Green Recipe Recipe

Bourbon Pumpkin Pie Milkshake

For adults who are really just big kids, this delicious, dessert-like spiked milkshake will have you feeling warm and fuzzy.

Click here for the Bourbon Pumpkin Pie Milkshake Recipe


Perfect for a pumpkin-carving party, this delicious cocktail will light up your evening!

Click here for the Jack-o’-Lantern Recipe

Candy Corn Cooler

If you are done with the creepy and grotesque, try shaking up this tasty, sweet cocktail that can be made virgin for the little ones at the party!

Click here for the Candy Corn Cooler Recipe