Food Costumes: Gender Wars (Slideshow)

Check out the laughable difference between male and female food costumes
Arthur Bovino



is pretty sexy on its own — does it really need a high-slit, off-the-shoulder dress to make it more attractive?


This woman looks smokin' hot in her plunge-neck fry costume but her male counterpart looks like, well, actual fries


Dressing up like a bunch of grapes for a guy means getting a ton of laughs at your puffy, plush costume. For a woman, it means being covered in purple satin and vine-like straps. 


Ladies, if you were hoping to look like an actual M&M, we suggest you don’t buy this costume. However, fellas, if you want to look like the tasty chocolate candy, be sure to check this get-up out!

Nerds Candy

The guy’s costume is pretty convincing, with a shaped soft box and a comfy black under-garb to keep him warm in October. The lady? A form fitting, super revelaing printed dress that doesn’t look like a costume at all!


This costume totally lacks any resemblance to a burger at all. Burgers are hot by themselves without any help from lace or satin!


The "carrot” part of this woman’s costume doesn’t even cover her dress! Give us the carrot suit any day!


Everyone loves pizza, and sure, this girl does make it look even better. But how does that even compare to the awesome accuracy if this gentleman’s pizza slice?