Easter Decorating Ideas: Curious Bunny Place Cards

You won’t believe how simple this Easter decorating idea is!
Easter Decorating Ideas
Lauren Gordon

You’ll never use a boring place card again after seeing this cute Easter decorating idea!

When setting the table for a holiday like Easter, it is easy to get lost in the formality of it all. Since spring is the universal time of rebirth, mix it up this Easter with a fun and funky Easter decoration idea. You don’t need the traditional Easter eggs or Easter baskets to make your table pop!

Place cards at the dinner table have been a long-time etiquette tool for making seating arrangements easy to follow. There is no reason why you can’t make this functional party staple fun as well! With a little hot glue, clay pots, and pom poms, you’ll create a creative and personal table setting that will delight your guests. Here’s how:

What You’ll Need

Variety pack of differently sized pom poms, including tan, brown, black, and white-colored pom poms

Miniature clay pots


Fake flowers

Hot glue gun

Step One: Sort out pom poms according to colors. For each guest, you will need one larger pom pom and two corresponding colored pom poms, as well as one small white pom pom.

Step Two: Take the largest pom pom and glue it to the inside rim of the clay pot, toward the center.

Step Three: On the outer rim of the pot, glue the smaller, same-colored pom poms on the opposite sides of the center pom pom.

Step Four: Hot glue a small white pom pom in the center of the largest pom pom.

Step Five: Hot glue the flowers to the inside of the pot around the center pom pom. 

Step Six: Write the name of your guest on the clay pot. Place in the center of the plate for a fun display!