bad halloween costumes

Halloween Costumes You Need to Stop Wearing

Be spooky, not tacky

Halloween is the perfect time to indulge your sweet tooth with delicious candy and seek some thrills with friends at spooky attractions. It wouldn’t be Halloween, however, without creating some Halloween magic of your own with a beautiful, creepy, scary, funny or clever costume of your own.

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Whether you’re looking to bag some great (and sometimes awful) treasures while trick-or-treating, joining a parade, or simply looking to impress your friends at a Halloween party, deciding on the right costume is serious business. There are many things you should be advised against doing while taking part in this spooky spectacle, however, and that includes wearing certain costumes.

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You don’t want to wear a costume that will offend others or make them uncomfortable. Cultural appropriation — adopting elements of a minority culture, particularly without permission — is often rampant during Halloween, as are racial and sexist stereotypes. There are also certain lines that should be drawn in terms of how much you scare others; true horror should perhaps be left in the hands of the world-class haunted houses this season. If you’re not sure whether your potential outfits this season are appropriate, you may want to double-check that your ideas didn’t land on this list of Halloween costumes that really need to not be worn anymore.