Deck The Halls with A Jelly Belly Wreath!

Let the halls be decked, not with boughs of holly, but with super cute home-made projects

Get creative with this DIY from Jelly Belly!

With Thanksgiving behind us, it’s finally time for ribbons and garland to, once again, have their moment to shine. Let the halls be decked, not with boughs of holly, but with super cute home-made projects to spread the spirit of the season!

Jelly Belly® jelly beans are so vibrant. They are the ideal way to add seasonal color pretty much anywhere in your home. You’ve probably seen tutorials before for filling vases or scattering candle chargers with bright, colorful candy, and that’s all good, but a major part of your home is left out of all this ornamentation: your front door. What this occasion needs is a Jelly Belly Wreath!

Select your favorite flavors or colors for a one-of-a-kind creation that is easy to assemble — and perfect for gift-giving, too!

You’ll need to stop by your local craft/hobby store to pick up a few materials:


10”-14" foam wreath

3 yards 1-inch white wide ribbon

8-10 anchor pins

Hot glue gun with glue sticks

Decorative ribbon to hang your finished wreath

Add 3-4 pounds of Jelly Belly jelly beans in your colors of choice (plus extra for munching while you work) and you’re ready to start!

Why keep all the fun to yourself? You’re probably overdue for a girls’ night in anyway. Invite some friends over, turn up the tunes, dish out mugs of hot chocolate, and get gluing. The more the merrier! It’s your own little Santa’s workshop. Elves optional. Christmas cheer, however, will be in abundance.


  1. Wrap the wide ribbon in a spiral around the foam wreath until the foam is completely covered. Secure ribbon with anchor pins.
  2. Using the glue gun, apply Jelly Belly jelly beans to the wreath. You can do this in rows or blocks of color in a ring shape (tapering the rows on the inside of the wreath form), make it mostly green (Green Apple and Kiwi) with red “berries” (Very Cherry) for a holly wreath effect, or create circles of color (try Blueberry and Coconut, or Red Apple and Jewel Ginger Ale) all over. Let the spirit of the season take over!
  3. Once the entire wreath is covered, set aside to dry completely.
  4. Tie the decorative ribbon around the finished wreath and hang for a festive holiday decoration.



(Note: For decorative purposes only. Do not eat the jelly beans after they have been adhered to the wreath.)