Christmas Morning Is Best with King's Hawaiian

Waking up on Christmas morning, there’s more to look forward to than stuffed stockings and a pile of presents under the tree!
french toast

King's Hawaiian

The best part of any morning is breakfast, of course, but especially when King’s Hawaiian rolls are a part of the occasion!

Christmas morning requires special dishes — aspirational fare above and beyond the typical. You don’t need to look further than Christmas Morning Monkey Bread for exactly that: It’s a little over the top, with all that drippy caramel sauce, and absolutely enchanting. Even better, by baking your breakfast, you’ll have more time to spend with your family around the tree, soaking in the glory of the day.

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There’s no better time than Christmas morning for enjoying dessert for breakfast! Cream Cheese Churritos require little effort to achieve admirable results that are irresistible. You can even prep them a few days prior and freeze them, so they’ll be ready to reheat when you want them. Anything that maximizes the time spent with family is a bonus on a holiday morning!

Seeing Christmas through the eyes of your children breathes new life into the occasion. Why not reward them with an adorable treat meant for the day? Peanut Butter & Antlers transform the ordinary peanut butter and jelly sandwich into a delight for the eyes to behold, as well as the taste buds. 

Armed with all these great recipes, Christmas morning is guaranteed to be a good time. After all, there will be King’s Hawaiian rolls at every seat of the table! Everyone wins at this breakfast!

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