6 Fall Wine Glasses for Thanksgiving (Slideshow)

Change the tone of your table with these beautiful wine glass finds


When the crisper air rolls around, we are all guilty of going into a pumpkin frenzy. We realize that these amber pumpkin designed wine glasses are only reinforcing it, but how could one resist! For a casual design and a huge pop of color, these orange delights will  liven up your table.

$48.00 for a set of four


If you want to avoid sticking too closely to a theme, play up the fall colors without being explicitly fall. These ornate glasses would serve as a nice accent to simple table and would quickly become a guest favorite for the whole season.

$35.00 per glass


Your Thanksgiving table is already bursting with colorful food, so when it comes to your glasses sometimes less is more. These simply etched branches on crystal glasses are perfect for a formal table that still beckons for a hint of fall.

$109.00 for a set of four

Fall Leaves

These beautiful autumn leaves are fantastic to use for a variety of color palettes. The soft colored wispy brush strokes give these glasses a casual air about them, but their artistry is enticing enough to have a place at your sit down dinner.

$30.00 for a set of two. 

Fall Trees

Stemless wine glasses are always perfect when you're passing food around an already packed table; they're much harder to knock over accidentally than their stemmed cousins. This gorgeous set doesn’t only satisfy the practical senses, it is one visually stunning work of art. These beautiful pieces are great for a more modern table setting that can be used not only on Thanksgiving  but all year long!

$125.oo for the 5 piece collection


For the family table that loves reveling in the holiday moment, these turkey glasses are tops. For older kids sitting around the table, pour some sparkling cider into a glass and let them be part of the holiday fun too!

$40.00 for a set of four