6 Decorative Pie Crusts That Will Cause Thanksgiving Envy

No Thanksgiving meal would be complete without dessert, and there is no dessert more essential to a successful holiday than the pie. Whether you're a fan of pumpkin, apple, or pecan pie, there's no denying that these pies are delicious. But in addition to pleasing your palate, these pies can please your eyes, too... with the right decorative crust, of course. In the age of Instagramming every food you eat, making a pie that looks good is almost as important as making one that tastes good.

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Thus, we have entered into the world of intricate decorative pie crusts. We're talking about braided bits, turkeys with full plumes, and leaf piles that rival anything you can rake up in the yard.

If you struggle to get a simple, even perimeter on the edge of your pie or if the idea of making a basic lattice crust sends you into a tizzy, it may be best to avert your eyes. These over-the-top pie crusts are going to make you feel vastly inferior.

But don't worry, we're sure your crust tastes amazing, and once it's all eaten, isn't that's all that matters?