5 Subtle Styles for Your Thanksgiving Table (Slideshow)

Take a look at how these crafted linens can make your table pop


The country home style has dramatically changed over the last decade and is perfect for a homey, simplistic table. We love these subtly accented napkins that express exactly what the holiday calls for. For this table, think bold colored candles and burlap accessories to blend in a farmhouse look.


If you have a house bursting with people and a ton of rug rats running around, forgo style and make it fun. These adorable turkey characters are so lively that you really won’t need much else but a brightly colored tablecloth and activities for the kids’ table to keep the mood festive!


A rustic look is an easy one to recreate for your Thanksgiving table. Think dark, rich colors and natural table accepts. They will pair perfectly with these paisley patterned napkins that define fall but don’t scream Thanksgiving. Instead of the traditional china, consider using wooden, food-safe plates that will really give your table a natural element.


These traditional, almost Victorian linens are perfect for a traditional Thanksgiving table. They capture the classic holiday archetypes without being too stuffy for the table. These linens will look great with a rich, floral arrangement. 


For the family who is modern enough to stay away from floral fall patterns but traditional enough to host a sit-down dinner, consider working with a sleek, themed pattern. These adorable wishbone linens will definitely set a unique tone for the holiday that is modern but isn’t distantly festive. Consider using painted pumpkins as a centerpiece to play off of your plain color scheme but pull off that festive vibe.